All in a morning !

Sun Nov 14, 2010
7 a.m.
It’s Sunday morning and i have just woke up in the lab. It’s rare when i wake up so early on the Sunday. So, what if it’s cold and the AC making it worse, I am feeling good. But, I don’t know why ! May be because I have been nocturnal for the last ten days. I have the entire day at my disposal. I know i ain’t thinking right. I don’t know why am i even comparing the idea of being awake in the day or night. Yet, I do that very often. It’s still very early and i feel i have nothing to do. The breakfast is at least one hour away. Let’s go to facebook ! They are good in engrossing every one. Ah. I forgot. The same damn facebook ! What will i do there ? I have started hating it since a few weeks. The same boring videos and the same people...always doing the same things and commenting on each other, of which many of them never do such things face to’s all the same and artificial. After all, what else will i do ! Let’s find some interesting games to play. Arrgh. I made 71 clicks in 10 sec and someone made 700 clicks ! wtf. how is it even possible ! Let’s launch the firebug. It’s time for little fun. :) Oops... I had just installed ubuntu 10.10 and firefox replaced original settings. I didn’t like that. Firebug will take few seconds to install. Till then, what am i gonna do ?

7:20 a.m.
I have been formatted [accidentally & for fun] last night. [EDIT: my 320 GB hard disk]. It has not been good. I will try to recover the data today. Oh, then I have some more work to do today. Suddenly, lot of things are coming in the mind. Ah. The same damn cruel world ! [Tomorrow is Monday.]

7:25 a.m.
Let’s switch to the firebug. It has been installed and it’s asking to restart the firefox. I don’t like that. I have my own reasons. But, i have to do it. you too know it better ! It’s now open with all the same 6 windows and 49 tabs. It managed to do that at least. I feel good. Wait. What was i supposed to do ? oh. The firebug. Let’s go to that click-game tab. It’s all based on javascript and client-side processing when we click on a button. So, it shouldn’t be difficult modifying the value. Let’s do that.

7:35 a.m.
A little analysis shows that the clicks are communicated to the server via the facebook eventHandler . So, replacing the no. of clicks on web page by document.getElementById() isn’t gonna be of any help. The clicks are communicated at each event[click] and not sent at last by aggregating. Let’s try something else. what if i change the mouse-communication property of the start button. Hm. It’s onmousedown originally. Nothing else suits the challenge if you know what onmousedown is ! Let’s change it to onmouseup. Not of much help. onmousehover can help. I would just need to hover in & out very quickly. There are some improvements. Still, 700 is very distant. I can’t touch the bootstrap ! Still there are some hidden parameters passed in the form. Let’s tweak it and try. Still not of much help. :( I am unable to find any thing useful and i will come back to it later.

7:50 a.m.
I think i have an idea. It's nothing to do with the click-game and it seems to be fun. How much time will it take ! 2 days. Yeah, it will be fine. Today is Sunday, and there aren’t much classes on Monday. I can do it. It’s now time for breakfast and i will resume after that. But, it’s a long walk to Azad from IMG lab and i hate it most. Anyway, i need to go. Lot of things have started happening at the posterior end of the intestine !
9 a.m.
Back in IMG lab. As the sun becomes more strong, the cruel world too. Seeing friends in hostel made me think unknowingly - what are they going to do today ? And, i remembered a lot of things. Submission of tutorial today, for which i need to work like xerox machine for at least 3 hrs. Then, there are [infinite] quizzes coming week. And, the end-sem after 10 days ! It’s horrible out here. And it all flashed in the mind seeing ‘those guys’ standing in the [infinite]queue at mess. [Believe me, the queue was infinitely extended.] It’s getting worse as the day progresses. It seems i need to skip the breakfast. And, i did that. Let me think what should i do !

9.15 a.m.
So what if i have lots of submissions and quizzes and it’s the day before Monday ! I have a good idea, and i will work on that. At least partially. No, this aint right. I need to complete it in one span. Aww, what am i gonna do ! It seems another good idea is going to be buried. The cruel world has won. HipHop. HipHop. My mind is doing HipHop.