I do miss college

It has been over a month since I wrote this draft. But somehow I forgot about it in the daily activities of a kindled life where waking at 8 am doesn't hurt much! But before you start reading, I must say I do miss college sometimes. Almost everyone does.

Sep 27, 2012
Last few weeks have been bit idylic for me. Things have seemed to start falling into place. And as I turn my gaze from the black terminal filled with characters to the right side of my table where I put a table-calendar, I am surprised to see September 10th on it. But it’s almost the end of this month and I haven’t noticed. Days have passed in a breeze. And my college life is almost over! Yeah.

As much as I am excited, I am getting nostalgic. As much as I am ready to move on, I know I will long for this place. As much as I want to do what I love to do, the college days will always be redolent for me. Whatever and wherever I will be, I will always be grateful to these four odd years of college life. I have cursed it in all the ways you can imagine, I have said swear words, I have shouted out that I don’t give a damn, and I have regretted occasionally about coming here when I was out of my mind. But this is what college is about. Mixed feeling for everyone. Like your sibling whom you hate sometimes, but deep down you know that you have always loved them.

The college is what have metamorphosized me. The place which changed me radically in four years. Some changes have been for better, some for worse! This is where I have learnt to talk, this is where I have learnt to code. This is where I have partially understood what life is all about. This is where I have made some of the best friends which might last a lifetime. Everything from my perception of world to my own goals have been redefined. Even my pics back then are completely different. This place has changed me from a shy, timid, little town kid to someone different who dreams of making a dent in this universe!

These past few years look like if it was just yesterday. I had so many plans in first year, but still some of them have remained on paper. Nevertheless, so many stuffs have happened that I am overwhelmed. I am having tears of happiness just thinking about them. I will miss pedalling bicycles uphill for classes in first year, and the cricket matches in Rajendra Bhawan. I will miss Alaknanda & UG club where I learnt to play pool and table tennis. I will miss dancing insanely in Thomso DJ. I will miss making proxy, and I will miss always trying to manage 75% attendance but never able to make it. I will miss the nights before any exam. I will miss playing hockey in the first year. I will miss laughing ludicrously with Pulkit, having the pool matches with Sandeep, and the long rallies in table tennis with Sikha. I will miss the foosball with random guys. I will miss everyone in my batch and the awesome parties that we had. I will miss the rafting in Ganges. Above all, I will miss IMG and everyone in there. I will miss having the walk with seniors to Ravindra canteen in the middle of the night. I will miss the mad months spent working crazily with Sachin and Gurbinder. I will miss my room, the Azad canteen, and the relaxed walk to Civil lines from Azad Bhawan in the evening with Arun, Anshul & Aditya. God, there are so many things that I am going to miss. And this is not even half the list. Or, tiny fraction of the people who made the college so magnificent!

And while I am going to miss the college, the life will not be easy anymore. I have chosen a path in which I deeply believe. It was the easy life, but now it will turn around. But at least I know that I won’t die with regrets that I never tried. And I am ready to embrace the inevitable result - whatever that would be!

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful college!

Update: I moved to Bangalore on 15th October 2012 to do my startup HackerEarth. And believe me, these are the most exciting and challenging days that I ever had in life. We are  building platform that puts real‐world programming problems at the center of the tech hiring process, making for swifter and more cost-effective hiring. The platform allows engineering managers to create online programming tests across several programming language and platforms. The applicant’s code is compiled, tested, and evaluated using a range of metrics to help companies filter candidates quickly and accurately. But that is just a part of the larger vision that we have. More on that later; visit HackerEarth for now. If you want to get in touch or have something to say, feel free to drop an email at vivek@hackerearth.com.


  1. Yo Vivek, nice post! it is evident that you are trying hard to put too many memories in too few words! Of the two paths, you chose the path less traveled! Best of Luck Dude!
    p.s. we to miss you man!

    1. Hey, thanks man :) Just saw the comment, hadn't expected that anyone will even read this post!


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