The Amazing 2012

2012 was a really crazy, incongruous and amazing year for me. I learnt, I suffered, I broke down, I accomplished, I took big decisions, I tried to move on with my life. There was not even a single day, a single Sunday, a single weekend, which was insipid and pointless. Everyday something was happening, something was setting course for next turn of events. Everyday I was making decision, asking my intuition, planning for the days ahead. I made mistakes of course.

In January I along with Sachin and Gurbinder converted the dorm room into workplace. We were working on MyCareerStack and were really crazy back then. And we still are!

In February, I met Rasmus Lerdorf - creator of PHP. That was one very enlightening talk.

In March I went to Goa. You don't need to describe the breathtaking beauty you witness and the awesome experience you have on your first visit to Goa. We roamed around on our bikes in almost every part of Goa for 5 days.

In April, I transformed into Chacha Chowdhary for a day. Thank you IMG :) It was quite fun!

On May 31st while travelling from home to college, my train crashed. I escaped narrowly. That's the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me in my life.

(picture not taken by me)

In July I traveled to Kerala - God's Own Country!

In September I opted not to sit in placements.

In October I moved to Bangalore to work full-time with Sachin on HackerEarth. We made some amazing friends here, met people whom you only hear in news, and am having the most exciting life that I ever had. Learnt tons of stuffs on the streets!

In November, I traveled to a very beautiful country - Japan. It was also my first foreign trip.

When you see Japan, you think it has been standing for ages - without any blemish,with such an amazing perfection. And that there was no Hiroshima, no tsunami and no earthquake ever on this beautiful country.

In December, I made the first hire in my company.

On last day of the year, I took the free fall. Blistering barnacles!

Some other stuffs have been intentionally left out. Thanks for reading the post. I bet 2013 will be even more exciting, for me and for you too :)


  1. Awesome post dude... a very Happy New Year to you!! Hope this year is more exciting than the last one!! :)


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