Itinerary 2012

I traveled a lot in 2012. More than I had traveled any year before in my life. Some were planned, some completely unexpected. I enjoyed going everywhere. This year also taught me to pack bags in an hour and to head anywhere at the whim of my mind. After all, I had never looked for a settled life! At the end of the year, all my resources were depleted too :)

Just a quick glance of rough itinerary in 2012:

January: Home -> Roorkee
March: Roorkee- > Goa -> Roorkee
April: Roorkee->Delhi->Roorkee
May: Roorkee -> Delhi -> Roorkee -> Home
June: Home -> Roorkee
July: Roorkee-> Delhi -> Kochi -> Delhi -> Roorkee
August: Roorkee -> Dehradun -> Roorkee -> Delhi -> Roorkee
September: Roorkee -> Delhi -> Roorkee -> Delhi -> Roorkee
October: Roorkee -> Delhi -> Bangalore -> Delhi -> Roorkee -> Delhi -> Bangalore
November: Bangalore -> Delhi -> Japan -> Delhi -> Bangalore -> Delhi -> Roorkee
December: Roorkee -> Delhi -> Roorkee -> Delhi -> Bangalore

I might have missed a few detours and exciting but unpopular places!

P.S. I know this is a bit late, but just for the sake my documentation :)